Couple Story

i'm fascinated by the close relationships i see all around me in South Korea. i hope you enjoy these photos as much as i do.
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With 6 days left in Korea, this couple eating brunch next to me may be my last post for Couple Story. It’s been a great two years, y’all. Thanks to everyone for following and Here’s to finding true love all around you wherever you may be!

Street food couple. Myeongdong. Seoul.

Track suit spotted at ICN international airport.

Not quite Spring. Hannam

Ice skating couple at City Hall. Lovely sunset. Lovely couple!

Sweet BBQ advertisement in front of this couple crossing the street in Itaewon.

Family story! Waiting in line to leave Thailand back for Korea.

Warm couple in front of the Christmas lights of Passion 5 in Hannam Dong

shoppers in Hongdae

Doin it right at the National Folk Museum in Seoul.


Awesomeness found in Sinsa!

Somehow this post has produced 1.3K to date. Crazy-ness! Thanks for this and to all of the new followers it created! Bigtime Love!

Apgujeong Fall socks!



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Adidas product placement in HomePlus at Hapjeong. Seoul.